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05 Dec 2017

Google is releasing Android Oreo (Go edition) for entry-level smartphones

Google to launch lightweight version of Android Oreo

Keeping the promise it made at Google I/O this year, Google is launching "Android Oreo (Go edition)" for manufacturers and developers (not yet for users) of entry-level devices with low-memory and storage.

It's a lightweight variant of Android Oreo for devices with low RAM of 512MB or 1GB.

It would be released as part of Android 8.1 launch tomorrow (6 December).

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Google to launch lightweight version of Android Oreo

Excited to announce this software experience: Google

Google said: "To make sure billions more people can get access to computing, it's important that entry-level devices are fully functioning smartphones that can browse the web and use apps. Android Oreo (Go edition) is launching as a part of the Android 8.1 release tomorrow."

Future Android "Go" releases won't be delayed


Future Android "Go" releases won't be delayed

Google said that the "Go" variant of the future Android operating systems wouldn't be delayed.

As of now, Google Oreo (Go edition) is available for manufacturers, meaning the version could soon be seen on new devices.

The OS version is likely to be launched in India first where there are more Android users, a majority of them being entry-level phone users.

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India has more Android users than US

Director of Android Product Management, Sagar Kamdar, stated: "Since Android's creation, our mission has been to bring the power of computing to everyone. Android has grown to more than 2 billion active devices around the world, with more users in India than the US."


Smaller, "Go" versions of Google apps

Google says making the same operating system, Oreo, for both high-end Android flagships (like Pixel 2 series) and the cheapest of the cheap ones is a big challenge, which it has overcome.

Android Oreo (Go edition) comprises of three components: Performance, security benefits, and storage improvements to the OS; Lighter Google Apps, including YouTube, Assistant, Maps, Gmail, etc.; and Google Play Store.

Sagar Kamdar on storage capacity of entry-level devices

"It's common for entry-level devices to have very little storage space. This can be frustrating for people. So, we've optimized Android Oreo (Go edition) and enhanced our preinstalled Google apps to take up 50% less space. Net result is...we've doubled the amount of available storage."

Android One, Android Go different from each other


Android One, Android Go different from each other

Google's Android One and Android Go are both aimed at offering better services to low-end phones, but in different ways.

For Android One, Google directly partners with device makers to decide what's being included in the smartphone and also keep it up to date.

However, Android Go is a full Android release available for use by any manufacturer from Android Open Source Project.

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