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06 Dec 2017

New Google Maps: Two-wheeler mode, locating toilets, SOS-alert, and more!

Helpful Google Maps features introduced this year

Google launched yet another India-first feature for Google Maps -two-wheeler mode with voice-guided navigation- at its third "Google for India" event.

Google Maps is the go-to app for finding places (restaurants/banks/ATMs), getting directions, real-time traffic conditions, etc.

The tech-giant launched several new features for the mapping service this year. From locating toilets to finding where you parked your car, here are some new ones!

In context

Helpful Google Maps features introduced this year
The two-wheeler mode, an India-specific feature


The two-wheeler mode, an India-specific feature

Google rolled out the "two-wheeler" mode for Google Maps to help riders find routes and shortcuts for road trips; it will show customized traffic data and estimated arrival times.

It will also display the important landmarks on the route to help users plan their trips well.

The feature is currently available only in India; Google said it would be launched in other countries, too.

Parked vehicle

Find where you parked your vehicle on Google Maps

Another recent feature introduced for Google Maps is finding parking locations, available for Android and iOS platforms.

Android users add their parking location to the map by tapping on the blue dot (location) and choosing "Save your parking".

iOS users also have a similar process to set a place as parking location.

Users would see a parking label for identifying the spot quickly.

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Users can find help using SOS Alert


Users can find help using SOS Alert

Google also rolled out the "SOS Alert" feature to Google Maps this year to help people find help during a natural or human-caused crisis.

At the time of crisis, Google Maps shows a specific icon on the map, which can be tapped for relevant information, including emergency contact numbers, websites, and more.

It also displays real-time updates on traffic, road closures, etc.


Best time to travel and Uber integration

Earlier in July, Google Maps got a feature for informing users regarding the best time of the day to travel somewhere, the best route, and how to reach there (modes of transport).

It will also show the estimated distance, time, and the number of tolls on the route.

Google also integrated Uber booking feature directly into Google Maps for Android and iOS platforms.

Favorite places and Q&A section


Favorite places and Q&A section

Android and iOS users can share a list of their favorite locations/places with friends. Users should tap on the location and save it after which it can be marked as favorite and added to "Favorite list".

Android users can also ask or read questions specific to a place on Google Maps. The "Questions & Answers" section can be found in the location's business listing.


The picture-in-picture mode

Google rolled out picture-in-picture mode for Google Maps in Android Oreo. Oreo offers the exciting feature, which was added to the mapping service too.

The picture-in-picture mode allows Google Maps to be used along with any other app.

It is available only to users running the app on Android Oreo; they have to long press the Home button in navigation mode to activate it.

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