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13 Dec 2017

The exciting world of Google's Augmented Reality 3D stickers

After announcing "AR (Augmented Reality) Stickers" back in October, Google finally started launching the exciting feature for Pixel devices first.

AR Stickers consist of 3D characters from popular Star Wars movie and Netflix's Stranger Things series that can be directly added to photos/videos, bringing them to life.

Google is using ARCore platform (similar to Apple's ARKit) to bring AR-support in Android devices.

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Google's AR Stickers coming to Pixel devices

Virtual characters and playful emojis

Google Pixel Team's Vice-President & General Manager, Mario Queiroz, stated: "We're bringing AR Stickers to Pixel...you can add virtual characters and playful emojis directly into your photos and videos to bring your favorite stories to life. We'll release more AR Sticker packs in the future."

AR Stickers work mind-blowingly well


AR Stickers work mind-blowingly well

AR Stickers have attractive 3D creatures that would be added inside photos/videos captured using Google's Camera app; the ARCore makes these characters appear like they are really there on the scene.

For now, Google is rolling out the AR feature with Star Wars, and Stranger Things branded sticker sets. There are some Google stickers like balloons, donut, coffee-mug, weightlifting broccoli, etc, too.

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What can you do?

Have fun, get creative with AR Stickers: Queiroz

On Google's official blog, Mario Queiroz said users need not "travel to a galaxy far, far away" to meet "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" characters like "BB-8, a stormtrooper, or a porg."

They can play with Eleven, Demogorgon, and other "Stranger Things" characters.

There are "Foodmoji and 3D Text stickers"; Queiroz said users could also shoot celebratory videos "with AR balloons and champagne."

How can Pixel users get Google AR Stickers?


How can Pixel users get Google AR Stickers?

Google said AR Stickers would be integrated within Pixel devices' native Camera in "coming days".

However, those who can't wait can download/update AR Stickers app on Pixel phones; the large, 90MB app is available on Google Play Store.

Users then need to update Google VR services on the device and also download ARCore from Google's website, which is currently in the developer version.


AR Stickers available on Pixel phones running Android 8.1

AR Stickers are a lot fun, but they are currently exclusive only to Google Pixel devices - first-generation Pixel phones, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL.

Also, the AR app is compatible with Pixel smartphones that are updated to Android 8.1 Oreo.

Google rolled out the updated version of its latest Oreo OS recently, and all Pixel phones are yet to receive the update.

How to add AR Stickers to photos/videos?


How to add AR Stickers to photos/videos?

Once all the required apps/services are downloaded/updated, adding AR Stickers is easy.

On Camera app, activate the AR Stickers mode under the Settings menu, and then follow the displayed instructions.

Users can choose a sticker-pack, and drop characters/emojis into the scene.

The characters can be dragged on to the real surface; also, they can be deleted anytime. Users can adjust the sticker's size.

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