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20 Dec 2017

Study: Humans may prefer "healthy" alcohol in next 10-20 years

Healthy alcohol may sound like an oxymoron now, but it's soon to become a reality.

The next generation of human beings is likely to prefer healthier synthetic alcohol over the regular damaging liquor, claims a top scientist.

The man-made booze Alcosynth is expected to have the same inebriating effect minus the dreaded hangovers and the health complications.

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In context

Humans may soon switch to healthier synthetic alcohol


Next generation would be big on Alcosynth, e-cigarettes

According to Professor David Nutt, Imperial College London's ex-government drug adviser, Westerners would consume alcohol rarely in the coming years.

Alcosynth instead would gain popularity just like e-cigarettes, which would be preferred over tobacco and cigarettes, he told the IB Times UK.

Interestingly, Nutt is trying to raise $11.8 million to market low-calorie, hangover-free synthetic alcohol in the UK, the US, EU and Canada.


A great public health development

Claiming it to be "one of the greatest public health developments in the world history," Nutt sees synthetic alcohol bring in a cultural shift, claiming fewer lives and inspiring less violence.

In the last decade, his team has worked on 80 chemicals that work like alcohol but aren't as hazardous to health. Nutt intends to roll out Alcosynth in over 100 bars by 2020.

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