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22 Dec 2017

Here's what Apple is likely to launch in 2018!

Apple products expected to launch next year

Apple has really been busy this year with a lot of product launches. It has also been an important year for the Cupertino-based tech-giant in which the iPhone celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Apple's 2017 products include the new iPhone 8 series, tenth-anniversary iPhone X, iPads, and Macs. It also announced the HomePod smart speaker.

But what does Apple have in store for next year?

In context

Apple products expected to launch next year
HomePod smart speaker to arrive early next year

Apple's HomePod

HomePod smart speaker to arrive early next year

HomePod was unveiled at Apple's WWDC in Jun'17. It was to be launched by 2017-end. However, Apple recently announced its release has been delayed until early 2018.

Apple aims to take on Amazon's Echo and Google Home intelligent home speakers with HomePod.

However, HomePod would cost $350 (over Rs. 22,000), which is seven times more expensive than Amazon and Google's cheapest smart-speaker offerings.


All 2018 iPhones would be full-screen devices

There are various theories about what phones Apple would launch next year. Apple released three new phones -iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X- this year.

It's expected to continue this trend and launch three iPhone X-style models: a low-end LCD iPhone, a bigger iPhone X, and bezel-less version of the current Plus model; with price ranging between $350 (Rs. 22,300) and over $1,000 (Rs. 64,000).

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The updated wireless AirPods headphones


The updated wireless AirPods headphones

Apple is also likely to release an upgraded version of its AirPods wireless headphones in the second half of next year.

As of now, there is not much information about how the 2018 model would be different from the existing AirPods. However, the case is expected to support wireless charging.

KGI Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes Apple would ship more than 26mn AirPods in 2018.

Wireless Charger

Apple's new wireless conductive charger

Apple teased a new wireless conductive charger this year that can simultaneously charge several devices like an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods' new case.

Apple also said its new smartphones come with glass on their backs as it's easy to charge through glass than metal wirelessly. So, not only iPhones but some other Apple products may also have glass backs for wireless charging.

Advanced FaceID technology on other products

Apple introduced the facial recognition-powered security technology FaceID on iPhone X, replacing the fingerprint-based TouchID. FaceID uses the device's TrueDepth Camera to recognize the user's face. Many analysts are expecting Apple to embed the "useful" FaceID on other Apple devices like iPads and MacBooks.

Health, medical wearables likely on their way


Health, medical wearables likely on their way

Apple has been hinting at exploring the field of wearable tech further, beyond the Apple Watch.

Apple wants to create separate health, medical wearable devices that provide real-time insights and monitoring.

It reportedly worked with the US Food and Drug Administration to understand how software for medical purposes should be developed.

So, we may see some medical/health wearables from Apple next year.

Self-driving Cars

We may finally know about Apple's autonomous cars in 2018

It's no secret that Apple is working on autonomous cars; the company itself admitted the same.

Apple even got registered as a driverless car testing company in California earlier this year.

Many expect Apple's carOS would run on such autonomous vehicles.

Apple is currently tight-lipped about the project, but more details about it are expected to be revealed next year.

AR Glasses: Apple's next breakthrough product?

AR Smart Glasses

AR Glasses: Apple's next breakthrough product?

Apple has been working on standalone AR (Augmented Reality) powered smart headsets.

Calling AR a "transformational technology", Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted it could be a "great commercial opportunity".

Though reports claim that AR Glasses would be unveiled in 2019 and shipped in 2020, many expect Apple to pull a surprise out and give a sneak peek of the smart glasses next year.

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