PM urges scientists to make innovation available to people

7 Feb 2016 | By Vaneet Randhawa
Modi's march on the path of innovation

PM Modi urged scientists to make innovation beneficial to the masses and advance technology that is accessible to the people with "zero defect" and "zero effect" on the environment.

He said so while inaugurating the new campus of the National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER) at Jatni near Bhubaneswar.

He lauded the efforts of scientists for finding newer ways of doing things.

In context: Modi's march on the path of innovation

17 Jan 2016Innovation-an intrinsic part of Modi's Startup India plan

Modi's Startup India plan gave special attention to innovation.

The 'innovation core program' would invite 1,000,000 innovations from 5,00,000 schools and winners would be showcased at an Annual Festival of Innovations, held in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

The NIDHI (National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations) would be instituted through Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centres (IEDCs) to support and award Rs.10 lakhs to 20 student innovations.

25 Jan 2016Modi calls for fighting global warming with innovation

PM Modi spoke on the need to combat global warming, claiming that it was imperative to strike a balance "between development and preserving the environment."

He said that environment-friendly innovation was the only way to counter global warming.

He said that France, US and India had decided to join hands to promote innovation and bring 122 nations together to capitalise on solar energy.

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7 Feb 2016Modi inaugurates Indian Oil's Paradip Refinery

PM Modi inaugurated Indian Oil Corporation's (IOC) Rs.34,555 crore refinery in Paradip in Odisha.

The refinery has aided IOC overtake Reliance Industries to become India's top refinery.

The refinery can produce 3.79 million tons/annum of petrol, 5.6 million tons of diesel, and 1.96 million tons of kerosene/ATF.

It will also produce 1.21 million ton of petcoke and 790,000 tons of LPG.

The Paradip refinery built in 16 years

The Paradip refinery is the 9th plant of IOC and took almost 16 years to build. Its foundations were laid in 2004 by the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

7 Feb 2016PM urges scientists to make innovation available to people

7 Feb 2016PM stresses on need to use solar, oceanic sources

Modi said that energy was a need and to this effect pointed out that "India's ocean and sky remained untapped''.

He said that our forefathers had believed in the oceanic energy calling it 'Ratana Garva' and so should we.

While emphasizing on energy preservation and production of cheap energy, the Prime Minister stated that it was intrinsic for the nation to produce solar energy.