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11 Jan 2018

CES 2018: Dell launches jewelry line, uses recycled gold

Dell makes jewelry from recycled e-waste

In what has come as a pleasant surprise to users, Dell Computers has partnered with Hollywood actor Nikki Reed to launch a limited-edition jewelry collection.

Notably, the jewelry has been made from gold that has been mined from recycled computer motherboards.

Here is more on the company's newest green venture.

In context

Dell makes jewelry from recycled e-waste
Everything you should know about the new jewelry line


Everything you should know about the new jewelry line

Being considered as a tactic to bring Dell's recycling efforts to light, the jewelry line, named 'The Circular Collection,' features earrings, cuff links, and gold rings ranging from 14 to 18 carats.

Each piece of jewelry has a round motif and a dainty feel to it.

Users can start pre-ordering the jewelry at Reed's online store, called 'Bayou With Love,' that starts from $78.

Dell speaks

Here is Dell's vision for the jewelry line

Dell claims that its recycling process is so efficient that it provided the company with excess amount of gold, which is how the idea of making jewelry was conceptualized.

The company also states that this move will help it foster a "closed-loop system" wherein it can create a cycle of developing new motherboards from its own gold extracted from old and used laptops.

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Discarded e-waste leads to wastage of precious resources

According to the United States' Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), every year only 12.5% of e-waste is recycled, leading to around $60 million worth of gold and silver from electronic gadgets getting uselessly discarded.

An industry expert on Dell's move


An industry expert on Dell's move

Jewelry specialist Cathleen McCarthy said, "Given the connection with the computer world, the line is suitably simplistic and modern with clean lines, high polish, and even in some cases a little industrial looking (those hoops)."

She added, "Conversation is what this whole line is about - nothing special design-wise but a simple basic with an interesting back story."

Dell to also make new laptops from e-waste

In an industry-first program, Dell is also going to use the gold it recovers from recycling its electronics to make new motherboards. The company's Latitude 5285 2-in-1 convertible laptop will be the first to feature recycled gold. The device is set to launch this spring.

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