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15 Jan 2018

General Motors reveals self-driving car without steering wheel, pedals

In a bold declaration, General Motors (GM) has revealed that it is making a self-driving car that will not have any traditional controls like a steering wheel or pedals.

The autonomous car, called the 'Cruise AV,' will not feature any manual controls either and passengers will have to completely depend on the vehicle for navigation and other tasks.

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GM announces completely autonomous car without steering wheel
The driverless car to be used as a ride-hailing vehicle


The driverless car to be used as a ride-hailing vehicle

The driverless car comes as the fourth generation of GM's all-electric Chevy Bolts.

The company claims that the car will be put to use as a ride-hailing vehicle and that it will be able to identify pedestrians, react to other vehicles on the road to avoid collisions, and even yield to emergency vehicles like the ambulance or the police van.


The car seeks to go under production from 2019

GM has also said that it aims at starting the mass production of the vehicle at its manufacturing plant in Michigan from 2019 and has petitioned the US Department of Transport for the same.

The car, currently being tested on the roads of San Francisco and Phoenix, strategically comes in the wake of the annual Detroit Auto Show that kicks off next week.

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This is the first production car without driver controls: GM

GM President Dan Ammann said, "It's a pretty exciting moment in the history of the path to wide scale [autonomous vehicle] deployment and having the first production car with no driver controls. And it's an interesting thing to share with everybody."

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