This gadget can see through the walls of your home

19 Jan 2018 | By Bhavika Bhuwalka

Israel-based company Vayyar has created a 3D RF imaging sensor called 'Walabot DIY' that allows users to see through walls.

Aimed at avoiding home improvement mishaps, the product magnetically attaches to smartphones as a phone accessory and uses 3D imaging sensors to let users see what's behind a wall though the Walabot mobile app.

It is priced at $160.

In context: 3D image sensor device can see through walls

19 Jan 2018This gadget can see through the walls of your home

FeaturesWalabot can identify pipes, wires and sense behind-the-wall movements

Walabot can identify objects buried upto four inches in concrete and dry walls like wires and plastic and metal pipes.

Walabot can also sense movement within the walls allowing users to detect issues like leaks and rodents.

It can differentiate between wooden and metal studs, label them, and even map large areas to give a visual overview and an offline analysis of their walls.

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DetailsThe device is not compatible with Apple phones

The company's target user base is DIY hobbyists, remodelers, handymen, and different people in the construction business.

The product can currently work with all Android devices running the Lollipop 5.0 operating system and above, except a few smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, LG G4, and LG V10.

Walabot does not support Apple devices as yet.

TechHere is the tech behind Walabot's see-through capabilities

Walabot uses radio frequency technology to create 3D imaging, which is also used for mobile networks and radar systems.

Its sensors draw power from the user's smartphone via a USB. These sensors then pick up the reflections on the wall when the antennas in the product fire out signals.

Notably, Vayyar specializes in 3D imaging and first developed the technology for breast cancer screenings.