Google's certificate course for IT beginners in 8 months!

21 Jan 2018 | By Gogona Saikia
Google training rivals' employees, but why?

Dreaming of working with Google, Microsoft and other IT giants but no experience? No worries. Google is now bringing an exciting opportunity.

It has teamed up with online education leader Coursera to offer a certificate course that will make you ready for entry-level IT support jobs in just 8-12 months, without any prior experience.

Here's all about Google's IT Support Professional Certificate.

In context: Google training rivals' employees, but why?

21 Jan 2018Google's certificate course for IT beginners in 8 months!

AboutAll you need to know about the course

The program will involve 64 hours of lessons, labs and evaluation in troubleshooting, customer service, automation, security and more.

With 8-10 hours a week, you can get it done in eight months. You can skip content you already know.

You can either choose only one of the six courses, or all.

Afterwards, you'll get the chance to share your information with top companies.

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Here's how you can apply

To enroll, visit The program costs $49, roughly Rs. 3,100. There are limited scholarships for "qualified US residents who need support." For financial aid, apply on the same site by February 20. You must enroll by February 27. Participating nonprofits may select deserving candidates.
Why is Google training rivals' prospective employees?

WhyWhy is Google training rivals' prospective employees?

According to Google's CEO Sundar Pichai, "There are 150,000 open positions in IT support and predicted to grow faster than most other occupations through 2026."

At such a phase, training employees who might never work at your company is the new recruiting tool, a Coursera spokesperson said.

The cost per person will be $400-600, but investing in the broader workforce might have bigger benefits.

Sundar Pichai announces program on Twitter

How can I cancel my enrolment before being charged?

Asked on 20-02-2018 by Sonali Dash
Answered by NewsBytes
You can avail a 7-day trial before you are charged. However, in case you have been charged, Coursera's refund policy will be applicable. It states that "if you cancel your paid enrollment, Coursera will offer you a complete refund until 14 days after payment, or until you have earned your Course Certificate, whichever is earlier."
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Can I enroll in this course next year?

Asked on 19-02-2018 by Sonali Dash
Answered by NewsBytes
As of now, we don't have information about this course's schedule for 2019. For this year, the deadline is February 27 and in case you want financial aid, you must apply before 20th February.
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