DJI unveils new Mavic Air drone priced at $799

25 Jan 2018 | By Shiladitya Ray

Chinese consumer drone giant Dà-Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (DJI) has officially announced its new, 'ultraportable' Mavic Air drone after a leak revealed images and specifications a day earlier.

A successor to DJI's top-selling Mavic Pro, the Mavic Air is lighter, faster, and comes equipped with more advanced technology.

The Mavic Air will be priced at $799.

In context: DJI unveils new drone in sub-$1,000 market battle

25 Jan 2018DJI unveils new Mavic Air drone priced at $799

Mavic AirThe Mavic Air sits between low-budget and premium DJI drones

The Mavic Air is set to sit prettily between the low-budget DJI Spark and the premium Mavic Pro.

The Air borrows quite a few features from the premium Mavic Pro, while keeping the drone budget friendly.

The drone is also foldable and is half the size of the Mavic Pro when folded.

DJI also claims to have improved the ventilation system to prevent heating.

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DJI's product offering mostly ranges from $500-1,500

DJI offers most products available in the $500-1,499 segment. Starting from the Spark ($399), DJI offers the Phantom 3 SE ($599), the Mavic Air ($799), the Mavic Pro ($999), the Mavic Pro Platinum ($1,099), the Phantom 4 Advanced ($1,199), and the Phantom 4 Pro ($1,499).
The specifications of the Mavic Air

SpecsThe specifications of the Mavic Air

The Mavic Air has a 32MP camera capable of shooting 4K video @ 24 or 30 fps and can also shoot 12MP still photos.

The Air also comes with 8GB of internal storage with micro-SD support.

It has a 2.5 mile range, a top speed of 42.5km/h, and can withstand speeds up to 35km/h.

The Air also has an advanced seven-camera obstacle avoidance system.

DJIDJI is steadily taking over the sub-$1,000 drone market

DJI is currently the top-selling consumer drone-maker and is slowly taking over every inch of the drone market.

Although DJI is almost absent in the sub-$500 segment, the launch of the Mavic Air strengthens its offerings in $500-1000 space.

The Chinese giant also recently saw competitors GoPro exit the market, and only faces significant competition from Chinese firm Yuneec whose drones haven't received great reviews.