Google Assistant "Go" released on Play Store


02 Feb 2018

Google launches lightweight Google Assistant "Go" for entry-level smartphones

Google unveiled the lightweight Android Oreo (Go edition) last year to provide good quality Android experience for entry-level devices with low memory and inferior specs.

While Android Go is yet to be released, several lighter "Go" apps have already been launched. Joining them, Google Assistant Go, the lightweight version of the virtual assistant, also made its debut on Play Store.

Here's all about it.

Android Go

What is Android Oreo (Go Edition)?

What is Android Oreo (Go Edition)?

In Dec'17, Google unveiled Android Oreo (Go Edition), specially designed for devices with less than 1GB RAM.

Phones that run Android Go come with "Go" version of Google apps, including the main Google app, YouTube, Assistant, and Gmail, apart from "performance and storage improvements".

Go Edition is basically a lightweight Android Oreo variant customized for low-end devices to offer better services to users.


What is Google Assistant Go?

Like mentioned before, Google Assistant Go is the lighter version of the original Assistant. However, the Go variant is almost similar to the regular app version, offering almost all features.

Users can ask questions, give Voice commands for performing several tasks, navigate Maps, etc. However, options for setting reminders and controlling smart home devices are not available.

It currently supports only English language.

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Assistant Go not available in India

Go apps are meant for low-end, entry-level Android smartphones with less RAM. However, the lightweight Google virtual assistant, Assistant Go, is currently not supported by any devices available in India. But the Google Play Store listing says any phone running Oreo would support the app.

Other Go apps

Several Go apps already made their debut

Several Go apps already made their debut

After the launch of Android Go, a lot of lighter Go apps have been released over the last few weeks.

Apps like Google Go, YouTube Go, and Gboard Go are available in Play Store. These apps occupy less space and load faster compared to the regular versions.

Another app called Files Go was launched for efficient storage space management in smartphones, especially in India.

Go Devices

Devices running Android Go to hit the market soon

Many smartphones running Android Go are expected to launch soon globally. In India, homegrown smartphone maker Micromax said it would launch Bharat Go in Jan'18, but it hasn't announced anything yet.

Meanwhile, Reliance Jio is also developing an Android Go smartphone.

Jio has partnered with Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek and Google to bring an entry-level smartphone, which is likely to be launched in Q1 2018.

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