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05 Feb 2018

Now, iPhone X bug doesn't let users to receive calls

iPhone X glitch prevents users from taking calls

Apple's new iPhone X has been hit by a glitch that is preventing users from taking calls.

Hundreds of owners have come out to complain about the unusual bug, quite ironically stating that the $1000 device is not able to complete the most basic function of a mobile phone, something that a $10 device can do.

Apple said it was "looking into these reports."

In context

iPhone X glitch prevents users from taking calls
iPhone screen doesn't light up for up to 10 seconds


iPhone screen doesn't light up for up to 10 seconds

In the event of an incoming call, the iPhone X's screen reportedly does not light up right away, delaying for even up to 10 seconds.

Due to this, users are not able to answer any call. "Whenever I receive an incoming call in my iPhone X, ringtones start but the display comes in after 6-8 seconds," one user said.


iPhone X has been seeing underwhelming sales: Reports

This is not the first problem to plague Apple's tenth-anniversary smartphone. Earlier, iPhone X had to face a push-back in its launch date due to production delays.

This meant that Apple couldn't follow through its usual September debuts.

There were also reports of underwhelming sales volumes of iPhone X that have negatively affected Apple's shares.

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iPhones have a US customer satisfaction rate of 96%

However, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that customer satisfaction has been "off the charts" for iPhone X. He also cited a market research to say that all iPhones have collectively received a US customer satisfaction rating of 96% or higher.

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