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06 Mar 2018

Google is killing Google-Drive app, here's what you can do

Google Inc. will shut down its Google Drive app for Windows and macOS on May 12.

However, Google Drive services won't be affected by this and you can still access it from the web, smartphone apps, and the new software options - Backup and Sync and Data File Stream.

So here's everything you need to know and do about the Drive app shutdown.


What's happening to the Google Drive desktops apps?

What's happening to the Google Drive desktops apps?

Firstly, the Google Drive service is not shutting down.

Secondly, Google is replacing the Google Drive software for both Windows and macOS with two new apps called Backup & Sync (free version with upto 15GB storage) and Drive File Stream for enterprise users.

So basically, nothing is changing except for the name of the apps and some additional features in the enterprise version.

What to do?

Backup and Sync users

Since your Google Drive desktop app will stop working on May 12, you'll need to install Backup and Sync app (for both Windows and macOS app) so as to continue backing up and syncing data on your desktop.

Backup and Sync basically replaces both the Google Drive and Google Photos Uploader apps and will function just like the Google Drive app.

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Enterprise users

Enterprise users

For enterprise users, you will be required to download Drive File Stream.

Drive File Stream app will allow you to stream files from Google Drive. This means large files and videos will be available on demand while saving space on your local storage.

Drive File Stream will also offer some additional features like Team Drives which won't be available on Backup and Sync.

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