Here's how you can port your Aircel number

09 Mar 2018 | By Bhavika Bhuwalka
Everything you should know about switching from Aircel

Aircel has recently filed for bankruptcy and prepares to shut down its services in India.

To that end, Aircel customers have been asked to conduct Mobile Number Portability (MNP) and switch to other mobile networks as soon as possible.

To do that, they will have to obtain a Unique Port Code (UPC) from Aircel which can be used to conduct MNP until April 15.

In context: Everything you should know about switching from Aircel

09 Mar 2018Here's how you can port your Aircel number

SMSFirst, try generating the UPC through SMS

The easiest way to generate a UPC is through SMS. However, several Aircel customers have complained of the messaging service not working and of facing network and connectivity issues.

Please note that the subscribers will have to compulsorily provide the UPC to the network they are switching to, in order to successfully port out of Aircel.

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Walk into the nearest Aircel customer care center

Physical StoreWalk into the nearest Aircel customer care center

One way to circumvent the problem is to visit the nearest Aircel customer care center. There, users can ask for the UPC to be generated.

For the procedure to be successful, they will have to submit documents like Aadhaar card, one address proof, and a couple of passport size photographs.

This way, users can seamlessly port to another network in a matter of minutes.

Aircel HotlineCall Aircel's customer care number to get a UPC

If subscribers want the procedure to be completed in a remote manner only, they can call the Aircel customer care number for their area.

Follow the instructions on the IVR, choose your language preference, and input your Aircel number followed by the last five digits of your Aircel SIM card.

This should get a UPC generated.

What about the account existing balance with AIRCEL ? I have more than Rs.50.00 in my AIRCEL Account. If I port my number, will the money carried to my new operator?

Asked on 11-03-2018 by Pratima Chakraborty
Answered by NewsBytes
No, the balance will not be forwarded to your new operator. The port process is just like you are buying a new sim with the facility of keeping the same number.
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