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16 Apr 2018

This technology from TVS will help you park your e-scooter

TVS's park assist technology can be a game-changer

TVS Motor Company is developing a new parking assist system for its upcoming electric scooters, according to reports.

This feature, when enabled, will allow the scooters to move backward and forward on their own, thereby helping the rider manoeuvre in tight parking spots.

The technology can be a game changer in a highly populated country like India where parking woes are so common.

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TVS's park assist technology can be a game-changer

How will this parking assist feature work?

The parking assist system will first analyze several vehicle parameters like speed, throttle, brakes etc., before activating the feature. More importantly, for the front motion assist to work, the scooter's throttle should be opened and the speed should be less than 6 kmph.

How will the reverse motion work?


How will the reverse motion work?

In case of reverse assist, the vehicle speed should be 0kmph and throttle and brakes shouldn't be in use.

The system will then analyze rear wheel movement and if it has moved more than 90-degrees, the system will automatically reverse the scooter at 3-4kmph.

Importantly, when going downhill, the system will apply brakes if the real speed of the scooter exceeds the assigned speed.

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Why parking assist matters more on electric scooters?

Parking assist systems are crucial for electric scooters because the motors develop maximum torque quickly and that might pose a problem for scooter riders during parking. Meanwhile, TVS's Creon electric scooter concept, showcased at Auto Expo 2018, is expected to debut this technology.

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