Arnab De honored with Springer Theses Award

28 May 2016 | By Ramya
Indian-American scientist finds cancer cure

Arnab De, an Indian-American scientist, has been awarded the prestigious Springer Theses Award to recognize his outstanding research done on developing a transgenic mouse to study A20, a critical tumor suppressor.

Columbia University, New York had nominated Arnab De for his Ph.D. thesis.

Arnab De dedicated his thesis to master blaster Sachin Tendulkar and Presidency University in Kolkata, which he had formerly attended.

In context: Indian-American scientist finds cancer cure

2014 A new pathway to cure cancer found

Arnab De, an Indian scientist at Columbia University, had claimed that he had found a previously unknown biological path to cure cancer that was also essential to fight bacterial and viral infections

He developed a transgenic-animal model (animal's genome was deliberately altered) to study the A20 gene's role in curing cancer.

A20 gene is a tumor-suppressor, which was dysfunctional in several numbers of cancers.

Study of A20 genes in living animals

Arnab De stated: "I have created a transgenic mouse to study the action of A20 (gene) in living animals. It will help to understand the mechanism by which A20 works in healthy individuals and patients.”
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Peptide-based prodrugs as therapeutics for diabetes

Diabetes TreatmentPeptide-based prodrugs as therapeutics for diabetes

In 2014, Arnab De developed peptide-based prodrugs as treatment for diabetes along with Richard DiMarchi.

They developed a drug to treat Type-II diabetes that wouldn't involve insulin, which could be potentially deadly when taken in large amounts.

The drug, which needs to be taken once a week, could also treat obesity.

De received Young Investigator Award for his study at the American Peptide Symposium.

28 May 2016Arnab De honored with Springer Theses Award

Springer SeriesRecognizing outstanding Ph.D. research works

'Springer Theses Award' is presented by Springer, a global publisher of renowned scientific journals and books.

Top research universities select their best for publication in the series–'Springer Theses: Recognizing Outstanding Ph.D. research'.

Based on the thesis' impact and scientific excellence it is chosen; two recognized specialists nominate and endorse each chosen thesis.

The author of each published thesis receives a €500 cash prize.

Gives an insight into unique resources

The Springer series gives an insight into resources for both newcomers and also other researchers or scientists seeking detailed information on different questions. It provides an accredited documentation of valuable contributions made by the younger generation of scientists.
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EMBO ReportsDe's research work highlighted in EMBO Reports

European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) Reports also highlighted De's research.

EMBO highlights only those research works, which are considered to be of "fundamental relevance to a general readership."

De has been working to study the A20 gene for several years to complete his thesis that would be beneficial for the humankind.

Arnab's journals were appreciated by several globally renowned scientists too.

Arnab De's statement after receiving the award

“Two things that have influenced me the most is sports and education. This thesis is dedicated to Sachin Tendulkar not only for the cricketing joy he provided me but also for being a constant source of inspiration to all Indian youth.”