07 May 2018

AI-powered game identifies object images and matches them with emojis

As an example of interesting and fun uses of machine learning, Google has launched a new AI-based game called "Emoji Scavenger Hunt".

The browser-based game shows you pictures of emoji objects and challenges you to find and take pictures of their real-life versions.

It uses your phone's camera and neural networks to carry out successful object recognition and match the object with the emoji.


The scavenger hunt starts getting difficult with increasing levels

The scavenger hunt starts getting difficult with increasing levels

Visit on your smartphone's browser and tap on "Let's Play."

Initially, you'll have to find things that look like your palm or keyboard. Slowly the objects will get difficult to locate with emojis of scarf and strawberry.

There is a time limit to finding and matching each object with its corresponding emoji, and with every successful match, the time limit increases.


Click photos of all emojis displayed on the screen

Launched under Google's new AI Experiments initiative, the game is built with advanced machine learning tools that try to guess what it's seeing.

The game only works on mobile devices and not on desktops. Google also assures that "all interactions are happening locally on your device" and no images are stored on company servers.

You can also share your game score on social media.

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Simple, free, well implemented web game

Since it's just a fun experiment, the image recognition might not always be on point. But the game does showcase how AI applications like object recognition can be integrated into the daily lives of users.

Google expected to make AI-related announcements at I/O developer conference

The AI-powered game comes just days ahead of Google's I/O developer conference to be held from May 8 in California. Google is expected to announce an update to its AI camera app Google Lens among other news about its cloud offerings and specialized AI chips.

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