The first public beta version of iOS 10

08 Jul 2016 | By Akriti Asthana
Apple's iOS 10 public beta goes live

The beta version is now available and can be downloaded without paying $99 per year by anyone owning an Apple device.

The company's motive is for people to try out its new operating system before it launches iOS10 in fall.

The public version, which is similar to the second developer beta launched by Apple a couple of days ago, is all about ironing bugs.

In context: Apple's iOS 10 public beta goes live

What is 'Beta Software'?

Beta software is a computer software that has not been officially released and is in its testing stages. It is preceded by the alpha stage and is useful in collecting valuable feedback before release of the final completed version of the program.

08 Jul 2016The first public beta version of iOS 10

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Steps to download the beta version

08 Jul 2016Steps to download the beta version

Ensure that the iOS device has been backed up. It has been strongly advised to not use primary Apple devices for this version.

Head over to Apple's iOS 10 beta website and enroll the compatible device.

Now install a configuration profile and update the version.

The device will automatically be updated to the final version of iOS 10 after its release in September.

08 Jul 2016Features of iOS 10

iOS10 presents a massive Siri update with third party integrations.

Apple Maps, Apple Music, Home Kit and the Phone app will be updated.

Apple plans to install a redesigned lock screen with rich notifications that display tiny live widgets and a Photo app update with face recognition, deep learning categorization and intelligent photo albums.

The new message app will have third-party extensions and emojify-feature.

08 Jul 2016A word of caution

The beta version is compatible with iPhone 5 and newer, iPad mini2 and newer and sixth-generation iPod touch.

Not all the features like SiriKit-enabled apps, Whatsapp and Skype calling, Apple Pay, among others, previewed by Apple at WWDC are available.

It has been recommended to test it on backed up secondary devices as some new APIs won't work or crash the phone altogether.

Stages of development in a computer software

A software goes through various stages before reaching its final version called the Software Release Life Cycle. It includes different developer software versions- pre-alpha, alpha, beta and final versions of the product and is used for testing and improving the released software.