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13 Jun 2018

Apple iOS 11.4 is rapidly draining battery for some users

iOS 11.4 update rapidly drains battery, users report

iOS 11, Apple's latest operating system, has been a disaster even since its launch.

The mobile OS has crashed iPhone X screen, disabled mics on iPhone 7 models, allowed Siri to read hidden notifications, among several other woes.

And now, iOS 11.4 is rapidly draining the battery of several users who have updated their devices to the latest version of the OS.

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In context

iOS 11.4 update rapidly drains battery, users report

Here's what one of the users said on Apple forum

"My iPhone 6s has the same issue after updating to iOS 11.4. I charged it up to 100%, rebooted it then let it standby for 4-hours, the battery indicator dropped to 40%. It has been 3 days since I updated and this issue happened everyday."

It's uncertain what is causing this rapid battery drain

Serious concern

It's uncertain what is causing this rapid battery drain

Users have initiated discussions related to this issue on Apple's official forum and so far, hundreds of them have confirmed the issue with their devices.

According to comments, users claim the battery percentage on their devices has gone down within minutes.

While no definite reason has been identified, there appears to be a problem when Wi-Fi is turned on.

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These solutions have worked for some users

While the problem seems independent of the iPhone models, some reports suggest iPhone 6 and above are mainly affected.

As for a fix, downgrading to iOS 11.3.1 has helped some users to counter the problem.

Moreover, some users claim that turning off Wi-Fi can also help; some said that connecting to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection, instead of 5GHz networks, did the trick for them.

An official solution may arrive in the coming days

Apple hasn't commented on the matter till now. But, considering that seeding for iOS 11.4.1 beta has started, users may get an official fix in the next stable release. Till then, we can all sulk!

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