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15 Jun 2018

Artificial Intelligence: The one solution to every industry's problems

Artificial Intelligence is slowly taking the world by storm. AI isn't new to people; it's ubiquitous today.

With voice-powered personal assistants like Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, Google Now, AI already has a huge effect on our lives.

But, do you know AI can play an important role in healthcare, defense, transport, banking sectors?

Here's all about AI and how it can help other industries.

In context

How AI can transform other industries
You may wonder, who the 'Father of Artificial Intelligence' is

Father of AI

You may wonder, who the 'Father of Artificial Intelligence' is

John McCarthy, an American computer scientist, who coined the term "Artificial Intelligence" in 1955 is considered the "Father of AI".

In 1958, McCarthy founded AI laboratory, where he started working on List Processing Language or LISP, a computer language which later became a standard tool for AI research.

Since then, Artificial Intelligence has seen vast evolution and is being implemented in various fields.

Application No. 1

AI can redesign the health sector

AI engines can be used to compile and analyze patients' medical records and history.

Developing a drug is a tedious process that includes decades of testing and assessment. AI and machine learning can speed up this process.

In recent times, Da Vinci Si (surgery robot) is used for minimally invasive surgery. It enhances doctors' instrument precision, control and vision.

Further, AI can interpret medical images more accurately than humans.

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Defense: Time for unmanned guards, vehicles, guns

Application No. 2

Defense: Time for unmanned guards, vehicles, guns

AI can be effective for aerial, land-based, and naval platforms; it can monitor any sort of chemical and nuclear warfare.

It can be applied in a range of areas like guarding country borders, development of unmanned vehicles, military robotics, cruise missiles, which can automatically distinguish and destroy enemy targets.

Robots can be used for identifying/neutralizing anti-improvised explosive devices, extraction of personnel among other applications.

Application No. 3

Transportation: AI can detect unsafe conditions using sensors

Introducing AI in transportation will reduce accidents and road fatalities.

AI-powered autonomous cars can easily identify unsafe conditions using sensors and HD camera and react in real time to prevent any untoward incident.

Interestingly, AI provides metrics to recognize a good driver on roads.

Besides detecting traffic/sign violation, lane departure, speeding, the intelligent detection can make an accurate prediction of freight on road/water/air.

Banking: AI can help to pinpoint money laundering

Application No. 4

Banking: AI can help to pinpoint money laundering

AI software can be used to pinpoint money laundering activity by analyzing customers' data including texts, images, videos, and detect a pattern of an anomaly within seconds using machine learning algorithm.

Using AI, banks can use fair, transparent system to track customer/employee feedback.

Chatbots can bring a huge change in customers' experience. They have the potential to automate all the repetitive, time-consuming questions.

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Will AI affect jobs all over the world especially in India?

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Will AI affect jobs all over the world especially in India?

Asked on 15-06-2018 by Amit Sharma

Answered by NewsBytes

Yes, AI would definitely affect the job structure all over the world including India. As AI is still in developmental stages, it would take some time for it to completely replace humans in jobs.

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