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21 Jun 2018

WhatsApp rolls out group voice and video calling feature

WhatsApp has finally started rolling out its group voice and video calling feature, which was announced at Facebook's F8 developer conference in May.

While the feature is coming to both Android and iOS, it is a slow roll-out, so for some users, it may still be in beta.

The final release of the feature is expected soon, along with a Windows roll-out as well.


A total of four people can participate in group calls

A total of four people can participate in group calls

Here's how to use the feature: Make a WhatsApp call.

Click on the "Add Participant" option at the top right corner and select the contact you want to talk to.

Once he accepts the invitation, either of you can go on to add the next person in the same way.

This way, users can participate in a single split-screen voice or video conference call.

2 billion minutes of calls are made on WhatsApp daily

Over 2 billion minutes of video and voice calls are made on WhatsApp daily. Notably, WhatsApp already allows users to switch from a voice call to a video call just by tapping a button. Under this, a video button appears during voice calls.

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The feature will enable WhatsApp to compete with Skype

The much-awaited feature is the most basic for bringing the Facebook-owned chat app to the level of other video calling apps like Google Duo or Skype.

The group video calling feature will also increase the usage of WhatsApp in all communication spheres.

Notably, Facebook already provides a group video calling option on its Messenger platform.

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