LG files patent for smart pen with foldable display

09 Jul 2018 | By Bhavika Bhuwalka
LG's smart pen will replace your smartphone

LG has filed a patent for a smart stylus pen that has the potential to replace smartphones.

As per the images, the pen features two displays: One a smaller display showcasing time, notifications, and app shortcuts, and the other a flexible, foldable display that rolls "into the body of the stylus" and can be used as a conventional smartphone.

In context: LG's smart pen will replace your smartphone

09 Jul 2018LG files patent for smart pen with foldable display

Key featuresTwo displays and an array of sensors

Users will be able to retract out the second screen by pressing a dedicated button located at the bottom of the stylus.

The foldable smart pen can run all regular apps and be used for browsing and texting.

The pen also features an array of sensors that are found in smartphones like gyro, e-compass, proximity, pressure, camera, eye-tracking, and even a fingerprint reader.

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Mirroring real-world writing

Full-fledged handsetMirroring real-world writing

Further, according to the patent, users can pair the smart pen with other smart devices like a phone or a tablet and then write with it on any surface.

This will make the writing appear on the paired device's screen.

The pen-shaped "unusual LG smart device" will also feature a microphone and earphone which means users will be able to make calls through it.