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10 Jul 2018

Samsung Gear S4 to get a new design and software

Samsung Gear S4: Everything we know so far

While we have seen some remarkable technological advancements in the smartphone space, nothing groundbreaking has happened to wearables.

Both Samsung and Apple are stuck with the old design while just improving the internals.

However, reports now suggest that Samsung is redesigning its upcoming smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S4 and it could run Google's Wear OS.

Here are the finer details.

In context

Samsung Gear S4: Everything we know so far
Samsung Gear S4 to offer a newer User Experience (UX)

Welcome change

Samsung Gear S4 to offer a newer User Experience (UX)

Since 2016, Samsung hasn't changed the 'rotating bezel' design of its Gear series wearables. And given how gadgetry is evolving, these two years feel like four, if not more.

However, with its upcoming Gear S4 wearable, Samsung may now offer newer UX interaction which could be something similar to the 'crown' on Apple Watch or an improved rotating bezel.

Like Apple, Samsung could also offer e-SIM support

While Samsung Gear S3 Frontier model did support 3G/LTE, its successor, the Gear S4 may come with an e-SIM to offer a standalone telephony experience - much like the Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular variant.

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Slim is in

Let's talk about the design

For its Gear S4, the Korean electronics giant is looking to adopt a new design. Samsung has built a new application processor by using Panel Level Packaging method to give its upcoming smartwatch a slimmer profile.

However it's uncertain if Samsung will stick with the rounded shape seen on earlier S Gear devices or opt for a new design - like a rectangular shape.

What is Panel Level Packaging?

The latest packaging trend in microelectronics, Panel Level Packaging aims to miniaturize the sizes of chips to offer a smaller package volume, thereby reducing the thickness of the device.

What else do we know about the Samsung Gear S4?


What else do we know about the Samsung Gear S4?

According to acclaimed tipster Ice universe, the Gear S4 could be renamed as Galaxy Watch.

Moreover, he suggests the smartwatch will run Google's Wear OS and not the in-house Tizen OS seen on previous Samsung wearables.

Gear S4 is also likely to get a 470mAh battery as compared to its predecessor's 380mAh battery and support blood pressure monitoring alongside other fitness-focused features.

Reports suggest Gear S4 will be cheaper than Gear S3

While the Gear S4 will sport a newer design and bumped-up specs, it may cost lesser than the Gear S3, thanks to Panel Level Packaging technique. Further, Gear S4 wearable is likely to get launched on August 9, alongside Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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