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10 Jul 2018

How to get Android P features on any Android phone

If your phone is not compliant with the developer preview of Android P, there is still a way you can experience the several new features of Google's latest operating system.

Developers have made separate apps that replicate Android P's different features.

These can be installed on any Android device, and provide users running older operating systems with the Android P experience.


These apps are not available on the Google Play Store. You'll need to install their APK files from the internet, and for that to be successful, you will first have to adjust your phone's settings so that it allows app installations from unknown sources.

Smart Reply

Automatically generated smart replies to texts

Automatically generated smart replies to texts

Smart Reply is an AI-based feature which intelligently suggests quick responses to messages.

With Android P, when users see a text message in the notification bar, they will be provided with some appropriate response options which they can select and send in a simple tap.

Download the Smart Reply APK to get the feature. It also works with messaging apps like Messenger and Hangouts.

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Volume Slider

Change the placement of the volume slider

On Android P, the volume slider has shrunk and moved to the right side from the top of the screen, just like what happened with the power options in Android Oreo.

Tapping the bell icon will switch the device mode between ring, vibrate, and silent.

To get the newly places volume slider on your device, download its APK and enable the switch.

Screenshot Markup

Edit screenshots natively

Edit screenshots natively

Android P allows users to edit screenshots natively right after taking them without having to rely on third-party apps for the same.

You can also take screenshots via the Google Assistant on Android P.

To get this functionality, download the Markup app. You'll first have to share your screenshots with the app, which will then allow you to directly make alterations to it.

Prevent users from unlocking the phone via biometrics

Android P users can disable unlocking the phone via the fingerprint sensor by tapping the power button and clicking on "Lockdown." Download the Lockdown APK to enable the feature. Users can also download the Android P launcher APK to change the launcher of their smartphone.

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What about the security issues that come from apps that are not approved by Google?

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What about the security issues that come from apps that are not approved by Google?

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There are apps which are not available on Google but still, people are using it. For the safety purpose, you can check the reviews of the Apps, and change the setting of your mobile phone. There are Anti-virus apps on Google also which will help to reduce the threat.

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