After Android Pie, Chrome all set to embrace the notch

10 Aug 2018 | By Shiladitya Ray

With a lot of Android phones featuring the now-popularized notch, Google has already added support for notched displays on its latest mobile OS, Android Pie.

Now, it seems that Google is taking its commitment to the notch even further, with the next major Chrome update slated to add support for phones with notched displays.

Here are the details.

In context: All about Chrome 69, Google Chrome's latest update

10 Aug 2018After Android Pie, Chrome all set to embrace the notch

Chrome buildsGoogle Chrome 69 is already in the works

Google Chrome recently released its 68th version, adding a slew of new features like the 'Not Secure' warning for HTTP websites.

However, Chrome's 69th build is already in beta testing, and is expected to roll out as early as next month if nothing goes awry.

Among other things, Chrome 69 will fully embrace the notch, adding support for better use of notched displays.

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What Chrome's official support for the notch means

Notch supportWhat Chrome's official support for the notch means

First discovered by Android Police, the Chrome 69 beta has the same 'safe-area-inset' properties that were part of Apple's Safari browser prior to the iPhone X launch.

Essentially, that means Chrome 69 will display website content all around the notch rather than display empty spaces to the left and the right of the cutout that typically accommodates a notched phone's front camera and sensors.

Media playerChrome will function as a media player for Android Go

Apart from this, Chrome 69 will also function as a media player for the scaled-down Android Go system for entry-level devices.

Once launched, Android Go users will be able to open media files on Chrome.

Owing to Android Go phones having limited storage space, this new functionality will enable Go users to enjoy multimedia without downloading separate apps for music, movies etc.

Other featuresOther notable improvements in Chrome 69

Another notable feature to be introduced in Chrome 69 is a picture-in-picture (PiP) mode for browsing on Windows PCs and Mac computers.

This will enable users to pop out a video and continue watching it on a floating browser window, while browsing other websites simultaneously.

Additionally, Chrome 69 will have an improved download manager with a search feature and sorting options.