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10 Aug 2018

5 Easter eggs in FIFA 18 you shouldn't miss

For those unaware, an Easter egg is an intentionally hidden joke or message in a film or video game.

FIFA 18 had its share of Easter eggs that discerning players must have noticed.

If you haven't, well there's still time to play it before FIFA 19 comes out.

Here are the five most exciting hidden nuggets in the game, to get you all excited.

In context

Five FIFA 18 Easter eggs

Fan following

It's a small world after all

FIFA started the Journey mode from FIFA 17, which follows Alex Hunter's rise in the football world.

Those who have played FIFA 17 might remember a kid asking Alex for his autograph before the game.

The same kid returns in FIFA 18 but as a Brazilian. He asks Alex and his friend Danny Williams to join in a three-on-three game, reminiscent of FIFA Street.


Home is where the loyalty lies

Hunter's celebrations have always been personal. In FIFA 18, tensions are high as Hunter looks to move away to a new club. As a result, he is benched.

When he comes on as a substitute, fans boo him. But on managing to score, his celebration silences them.

Running towards the camera triggers a celebration where Hunter professes loyalty to his club and fans.

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Pre-match players

Rivalry spices up every match

Before every match, FIFA 18 offers an option for the kit and team selection. The players, shown in the pre-match screen, usually amble around in the kit.

This gives the gamers a good idea what the kits will look like in-game.

However, if the clubs are rivals, the players tend to glare and intimidate each other.

Guess the derby fever gets to everyone!


It's good to feel special on birthdays

The birthday message isn't a new Easter egg for FIFA 18. In fact, it's been around from FIFA 12, but players tend to miss it since it's in-game. The match pressure outweighs the commentary.

However, if gamers notice, on the occasion of the birthday of a player on the pitch, commentator Martin Tyler takes time to wish the player.

It's an added special touch.

Ultimate Team Coach

Joga Bonito on your Ultimate Team

Players who're into the Ultimate Team mode of the game have a nice surprise coming their way.

Renan, the talented Brazilian at the beginning of FIFA 18's Journey, returns to Ultimate Team as S. Goncalves.

He's a Bronze Head coach and adds a five percent defensive boost to the team.

At 5,000 in-game coins, he's a nice addition to the team.

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