NASA's 'Touch the Sun' mission delayed but not scrapped

11 Aug 2018 | By Shalini Ojha
NASA's 'touch the sun' mission to start tomorrow

NASA's ambitious project to 'touch the sun' and understand more about the Center of Universe has now been deferred to Sunday.

It was expected to launch $1.5 billion Parker Solar Probe, on Saturday, but faced glitches with the rocket. Hence, the launch will now happen from Cape Canaveral, Florida, tomorrow.

The goal of this unmanned mission is to understand corona- the atmosphere around the sun.

In context: NASA's 'touch the sun' mission to start tomorrow

11 Aug 2018NASA's 'Touch the Sun' mission delayed but not scrapped

NASA confirms delay, eyes tomorrow for launch

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Since humans couldn't reach that close, NASA decided on probe

The ideaSince humans couldn't reach that close, NASA decided on probe

Reaching this close to the Sun is obviously impossible for any human, so NASA decided to send a probe, the size of the car.

It will be catapulted into outer space using powerful rocket, and then it will change direction towards the Sun.

If the launch doesn't happen tomorrow, it can't be rescheduled till August 23, as it relies on Venus' orbit.

The spacecraft At 2,500 Fahrenheit outside, temperature inside will be cooler

Scientists have been wanting to build such a spacecraft for 60 years now, but managed to crack it only recently.

Notably, even when the temperature would be million degrees Fahrenheit outside, the inside of the spacecraft will remain at 85 degrees.

The mission will last seven years, and the plan is to make 24 passes through the corona.

FeaturesIn this spacecraft, you can cover NY-Tokyo's distance in 1-minute

The spacecraft has tools to measure high-energy particles associated with mass ejections by the corona. It can also measure changing magnetic fields of Sun.

It also has a white light imager to click pictures of the Sun's atmosphere.

The spacecraft will move at 430,000 mph. In simpler words, Tokyo and New York's distance can be covered in 1 minute.

Exciting, right?

DetailsBy end of successful mission, many questions will be answered

The primary motive of this mission is to understand the Sun in great detail and conclude the Earth's position in the Universe.

Justin Kasper, a project scientist, said the corona emanated powerful plasma and energetic particles capable of wreaking havoc on earth.

Not much is known about these outbursts, and the probe will find that; while withstanding 300 times more heat than the Sun.

For how many days mission 'Touch The Sun' will take place?

Asked on 11-08-2018 by Anonymous
Answered by NewsBytes
The mission 'Touch the Sun' is going to last for seven years from now.
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