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11 Aug 2018

5 most exciting Easter Eggs in Far Cry 5

For those unaware, Easter eggs are intentionally hidden jokes or secret messages in games or movies.

Ubisoft has been known to include these little inside jokes for gamers.

Far Cry is no exception and the latest in this first-person-shooter has quite a few pop culture and franchise references.

Read to find out the most exciting Easter eggs in Far Cry 5.

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5 Easter Eggs in Far Cry 5

Secret ending

Finish the game even before it begins

Far Cry 4 had introduced the concept of the secret ending and the newest addition to the franchise has continued the tradition.

The moment comes a few minutes into the game after the cut scenes with the Sheriff and Marshall.

Once inside the church, the protagonist is asked to handcuff the cult leader Joseph Seed.

Choosing to do nothing ends the game immediately.

Leap of faith

Sometimes all you need is a leap of faith

One of the reasons Far Cry Easter eggs are so enjoyable is because Ubisoft makes cross-franchise references.

When the protagonist is drugged by Hope Seed, a cult leader, he has to jump off a cliff.

In masterful style, the game has named this the leap of faith. Assassin's Creed fans will immediately recognize the iconic move.

In fact, the diving style is exactly the same!

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IT reference

Pennywise do we all float down there?

Stephen King fans will have a reason to rejoice.

Located between Lamb of God Church and Rye & Son Aviation, in John Seed's region, there's a reference to Stephen King's 'IT'.

For those unaware, the cult-horror book was made into a film sometime back.

A sewer tunnel in the game has a creepy red balloon floating at the entrance paying homage to the horror-master.

Far Cry 3

Nostalgia time, remember 'Blood Dragon'?

Ubisoft went meta here by referring to the Far Cry franchise itself within a franchise game.

This can be found by unlocking a side-mission where a director is shooting 'Blood Dragon 3'. Agreeing to assist him takes the protagonist on a set of missions like the spin-off 'Blood Dragon' game.

Bonus perks: When the director curses the critics at the end of the mission!

Trump tape

All the President's Men

Remember the entire scandal about Donald Trump's secret tapes which the Russians apparently had, the one which showed him urinating?

Ubisoft made a bold move and referred to that in a side mission. Patriots Acts in the game has Willis Huntley a recurring character from Far Cry 3 and 4.

He will ask you to recover sensitive tapes from Russians related to a 'liquid'.

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