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13 Aug 2018

#GamingBytes: 5 most exciting suits in Spider-Man 2018

Spider-Man 2018 is an action-adventure game that will come out on September 7, 2018.

Unfortunately, for now, it'll only be available on PS4.

However, there are many reasons to get excited. The trailer shows some amazing gameplay and action sequences.

What's even more exciting are the Spidey suits. Apparently, there will be many.

Here's a look at the 5 best suits that have been confirmed.

In context

5 exciting Spidey suits in Spider-Man 2018

Velocity Suit

Raise a little hell in the velocity suit

Players who pre-order the game will find the 'Velocity Suit' unlocked.

However, there's no need to pre-order as all suits can be unlocked during the game, a challenge, players might enjoy.

Anyhow, the velocity suit will live up to its name and give Spider-Man added speed in battle and web-swinging.

What's cooler is the glowing spider-sign if the suit is viewed in low lighting!

Iron-Spider Suit

Mr. Stark, I feel really good about this

Those of you who have watched 'Infinity War' may remember the really cool suit Spider-Man had.

Good news is you can play with that suit now. Designed by Tony Stark, the suit has some distinct advantages.

It's bullet-proof, toxin resistant and has extra spidey-legs. However, we believe the game will power down the suit a bit, otherwise, players might find it too easy.

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Punk costume

Peter is a punk rocker

A really exciting addition is the Punk costume. It speaks to Peter Parker's rebellious spirit as the friendly neighborhood hero.

The suit looks cool with a denim sleeveless jacket and a mohawk.

Spider-Man also gets an added ability when he wears the suit. He can pull out his guitar and deliver a special knockdown attack using sonic shockwaves.

How awesome is that!

Advanced Suit

A whole new suit just for this game

'Advanced Suit' has been widely seen in the promotional gameplay and is an original in-game design.

Apart from the obvious logo appearing in white, it has some subtle changes.

The typical Spidey boots are actually running-sneakers and will allow greater mobility and speed.

The red parts of the suit appear to be more padded providing additional protection.

Fans have named it the White Spider-Man.

Let there be darkness

Noir Suit

Let there be darkness

While not much is known about the Noir suit, it might not have any direct bearing on the game.

However, the Noir suit will most likely increase Spider-Man's stealth and allow easier movement in the dark.

If the costume stays true to the comics, then Spider-Man would be carrying guns in this costume.

However, that seems unlikely.

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