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11 Sep 2018

#TechBytes: 5 best web browsers you can use

List of 5 best web browsers

To access anything on the World Wide Web, we need to have a good browser.

Choosing a good browser can involve various aspects like performance, better privacy, security, extensions, and user interface.

While Google Chrome and Firefox have emerged as the major players in the web browser market, there are several other top-rated browsers offering various features.

Here are 5 best web browsers.

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List of 5 best web browsers
Google Chrome, the most common browser

Google Chrome

Google Chrome, the most common browser

Although Google Chrome is slightly resource-heavy, it is insanely fast.

Google Chrome accounts for more than 60% market share in the browsing space.

It also offers a plethora of installed extensions that ensure great productivity without hampering your tasks.

Further, Chrome extensions like VidStream let users cast locally stored movies directly to the Chromecast device.

It handles cross-device browsing extremely well.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Quantum, the revamped Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Quantum is definitely a tough contender and has been revamped to fight Google Chrome.

It has a redesigned UI, blazing fast speed, in-built Pocket support, and Screenshot tool capable of capturing long screenshots of web pages.

When you turn on the Private browsing mode, Firefox uses Tracking Protection which blocks all online hidden trackers so that you can browse with full privacy.

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Tor is among the most secure browsers


Tor is among the most secure browsers

Tor is one of the most private browsers you can use right now. It mainly deals in research and development of online privacy tools.

Tor makes tracking of an end-user rather difficult. It disguises your identity and prevents trackers from accessing your physical location, sites you visit, and most importantly, lets you access blocked sites.

Tor can be used on Windows and MacOS.


Opera works even with slower connections

Opera is perhaps one of the oldest browsers and comes power-packed with features that even the competitors don't offer.

Opera Turbo feature lets users browse even on slow Internet connections without any hassle by compressing web traffic and routing it through Opera's servers.

The browser also sports an in-built ad-blocker, screenshot tool, VPN service, battery saver, and data-compression mode.

Vivaldi, a customizable browser


Vivaldi, a customizable browser

Vivaldi is just incredible when it comes to customizations and has a pretty creative and unique user interface.

There is a note-taking tool in the browser's sidebar to dock websites; it also lets users focus more on browsing.

Tab-stacking prevents overcrowding of tabs and allows users to group them.

Users can also add mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts.

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