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15 Sep 2018

Samsung is launching another Galaxy device on October 11

If you thought Samsung was going to end its 2018 product launch run with the Galaxy Note 9, think again.

The South Korean tech giant has now sent out invites for "A Galaxy Event", to be held on October 11.

Samsung has promised "4X fun", leaving tech analysts and enthusiasts wondering what device launch might be on the cards.

Here are the details.

In context

Samsung has announced another launch event in October
Details of the invite sent by Samsung


Details of the invite sent by Samsung

Interestingly, the invites do not indicate a time or location for the launch event, but instead says that Samsung will live stream the event.

The press release also notes that "Samsung's newest Galaxy device" will bring "more ways to express yourself then ever before", prompting many to think that the new device might sport some sort of an innovative camera.


There are several theories about which device might be launched

Many are speculating that the new Galaxy device might be Samsung's rumored foldable smartphone.

However, we think that's quite unlikely since Samsung recently unveiled its flagship Galaxy Note 9 device.

Other theories also point towards the launch a new Samsung mirrorless smart camera, but we think that's equally unlikely because it's a "Galaxy" event.

All things considered, a smartphone launch is imperative.

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Samsung's timing couldn't have been better


Samsung's timing couldn't have been better

With the Apple event of September 12 being an extremely underwhelming launch event, and with a Huawei launch event on October 16, Samsung's timing couldn't have been better.

The Galaxy Note 9 has already received a lot of positive reviews, and if Samsung could top that up with another splendid device on October 11, it would one-up Apple in this year's product launch scene.

Where to watch the live stream of the launch event

If you're interested in watching the live stream of the launch event, tune in to www.samsungmobilepress.com, or news.samsung.com/global, or www.samsung.com/galaxy on October 11.

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