India to get rid of physical driver licenses

09 Sep 2016 | Written by Supriya Kaur; Edited by Mansi Motwani
Easing the issuance of driving licenses in India

The Central Government announced that people will be allowed to upload their drivers licences and vehicle registration documents to 'DigiLocker'.

Digital copies of drivers licences can now be stored on the digital cloud service and will be deemed as 'valid' to show to traffic police and other enforcement agencies.

Aadhaar registration details will be required to upload vehicle documents to use this service.

In context: Easing the issuance of driving licenses in India

AboutWhat is DigiLocker?

Nearly a year ago, DigiLocker - a digital locker for all government documents was launched by the government.

DigiLocker has now partnered with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways which will allow you to acquire a digital driving license and vehicle registration documents.

Verification of these documents will be possible by officials who have their own version of the DigiLocker app.

DetailsHow would DigiLocker work?

One will be required to sign up with DigiLocker's Android Application which will verify the user's identity via a phone number.

Upon signing up with the DigiLocker app, the user will be given access to a dedicated cloud-storage space.

However, reports suggest that an Aadhaar registration will also be required to upload documents and it would be linked to the user's phone number.

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All in one place!

The government will provide users 1GB of storage space through DigiLocker and citizens can utilize this to store a variety of documents such as identification cards like voter identification card, Permanent Account Number or various educational degrees.
Is it a good move?

Pros and ConsIs it a good move?

The DigiLocker service is expected to result in assured authenticity and a significant reduction in administration overheads.

It would also cut down on corruption and red-tape by making it easier for a large majority to access documents and contribute to the government's vision of 'paperless governance'.

However, in practice, many have reported problems with the DigiLocker app, website, OTPs, crashes and multiple execution issues.

DigiLocker's massive reach!

According to available data with the government, DigiLocker currently has 21,26,332 registered users who've uploaded 24,11,702 documents and as of September 1, 2016, over 4.2 crore documents had already been issued.

09 Sep 2016India to get rid of physical driver licenses

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DigiLocker integration statistics

Integration of driving licences and vehicle registration certificates with the DigiLocker service will make available over 190 million registration certificates and and approximately 100 million drivers licenses currently registered with the road transport authorities.

28 Jan 2017Digital Aadhaars now available through DigiLocker

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has recently been integrated with DigiLocker as a registered user.

This integration makes it possible for over 1.09 billion Indians to access the digitized versions of their Aadhaar card through DigiLocker's desktop and mobile applications.

DigiLocker also has other national documents like 290 million driving licenses, 150 million LPG records, 10 million CBSE marksheets and certificates, etc.