Netherlands ready to deploy anti-drone eagle squad

18 Sep 2016 | By Shiladitya
Netherland's drone-hunting eagles

The Netherlands police announced that it was ready to deploy its anti-drone eagle squad after a year of training the birds, making Netherlands the first country to use such a tactic.

The Netherlands police's "Flying Squad" was constituted to protect airspace over airports and other sensitive areas.

In context: Netherland's drone-hunting eagles

The Flying SquadThe Flying Squad and their training

The Netherlands National Police, after completing a year-long trial, have purchased bald eagle chicks which are now around five months old.

Till the time birds mature, the Netherlands police will use eagles supplied by a company called Guard From Above which trains anti-drone birds of prey.

According to sources, around 100 police officers will be trained to work with the eagles.

The average flying speed of bald eagles

Bald eagles can reach a top speed of 50 km/hr while migrating. However, their normal flight speed is generally much lower.
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How does the tactic work?

How?How does the tactic work?

The eagles are trained to hunt down drones like they hunt live prey.

While hunting, eagles strike a prey and carry their kill to a place they deem to be safe.

While hunting drones, the eagles have been trained to attack the drone and carry it to a place designated by the police, allowing the police to recover the drone.

Protection for the anti-drone eagles

Police handlers said that the scales on the eagles' feet and legs protect them from being harmed by a drone's rotors. However, the Dutch police are, as a precaution, working on talon protectors made from kevlar.

18 Sep 2016Netherlands ready to deploy anti-drone eagle squad