Apple introduces the newer, snazzier iPod Touch

20 Jul 2015 | By Siripriya

The latest iPod Touch released last week is almost as good as the iPhone 6, but cheaper and smaller, with the upgraded 64-bit A8 chip.

It's a fashionable entry into the iOS universe, with the coolest apps and an improved camera only slightly shy of the iPhone 6 one.

The only failing is that it lacks the functionality of a smartphone or an iPad.

In context: Journey down the music technology lane

1 Jul 1979 The Sony Walkman revolution

In 1979, Sony made the first portable cassette player, even before iPod was a dream; a line which we know as the iconic Walkman series.

The Walkman became hugely popular after a bumpy start.

Over the years, Walkman formats have ranged from cassette to CD to mini-CD and finally to MP3, which continues to thrive, even after Sony retired the cassette line in 2010.

1984 Sony takes another step forward with Discman

Sony brought out the first portable CD player, the D-50. About the thickness of three CD cases, it was pushed hard by Sony.

The Discman led to the release of more titles on CD and became the new craze. Problems like skipping came up; manufacturers solved this problem around 1993.

Around 2009, the CD declined with the rise of MP3 and almost disappeared.

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Mar 1998 MP3 comes to town

Despite the many almost successful forerunners, the world's first trusty MP3 player was the MPMan F10, manufactured by Saehan Information Systems in 1998.

In 1999, Diamond Multimedia released the Rio PMP300 with better display and increased storage capacity; despite running into legal trouble, they remained popular.

Even now, MP3 remains the most popular format, with almost every music enthusiast possessing a MP3 player.

The gift of Kane Kramer

Years before MP3 became the craze, Kramer had made the first player, storing music on a credit card sized chip. In 2008, Apple admitted to Kramer being the genius behind iPod technology.

23 Oct 2001 Apple jumps onto the music bandwagon

In 2000, the existing MP3 players were chunky and had bad user interfaces. Steve Jobs' offering changed all of this.

Initially downcried for its scroll wheel and its incompatibility with Windows, the massive storage and the sound quality won critics over.

Apple went on to release the hugely popular 2nd to 5th generation iPods, occasionally coming up with versions like shuffle, mini, and nano.

16 Jul 2015 Marshalling the Music

On the heels of fancy smartphones than can double as jukeboxes, amp-maker Marshall has announced a brand new phone for music junkies.

It's a phone custom made for music lovers that has a pair of headphone jacks, a dedicated processor for high-resolution audio and new features like a scroll wheel for volume adjusting which should certainly attract the attention of Apple and Samsung soon.

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20 Jul 2015 Apple introduces the newer, snazzier iPod Touch