Twitter could kill the 'Like' button


30 Oct 2018

Twitter could kill the 'Like' button, but not anytime soon

On October 29, The Telegraph reported that Twitter is thinking about removing its heart-shaped 'Like' button as part of an effort to support healthier conversations on the platform.

The report drew immediate flak from users of the service, but Twitter has confirmed that it is just one of the many ideas it is considering and the button isn't going away anytime soon.

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Why Twitter could kill 'Like'?

Why Twitter could kill 'Like'?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently said he "wasn't a big fan of the heart-shaped button" and would be getting rid of it, according to The Telegraph.

Generally speaking, the button has a pretty straightforward function - to help people acknowledge/appreciate the content they see, like on Facebook.

But sometimes, it can also be used to promote incendiary content, leading to the cases of abuse.

Twitter's ways

So, Twitter is looking at ways to incentivize healthy conversation

To eliminate the problem, Twitter has been considering a range of options, including removing the button altogether.

Dorsey even expressed his unhappiness with the button at the recent WIRED25 Summit, but the company has stressed there are no immediate plans to change how 'Like' works on the platform.

"There's no timeline," Twitter Communications VP Brandon Borrman wrote. "It's not happening 'soon.'"

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Here's what Twitter's Communication Team said

Unhappy users

Still, the users are not happy

Still, the users are not happy

Either way, Twitter users are not happy with the idea of killing the button.

Ever since the news broke, several users have erupted on the platform, noting how the feature's removal could impact their Twitter experience.

While some made memes, others stressed the button allows them to support others and offer solidarity, and its removal would take away an important way of communication.

What else Twitter could do?

As TechCrunch reported, before removing the 'Like' button altogether, Twitter could also try other options like adding multiple reactions to a tweet, like that of Facebook, or changing the algorithms to make sure hateful content doesn't come up, even after being liked.

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