Jio starts eSIM activation process for new iPhones


05 Nov 2018

How to activate Jio's eSIM on iPhone Xs, Xr

Finally, Reliance Jio users are getting the eSIM facility to enable dual SIM functions on their iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr.

The process to activate the eSIM is simple, but a little different from that of Airtel, which started activation last week for select users, but stopped it later due to some issues, FoneArena reported.

Here are more details.

eSIM explained

eSIM on iPhone: How it works

eSIM on iPhone: How it works

For the uninitiated, the new set of iPhones offer dual-SIM support via one physical nano-SIM and a second, digitally-activated 'eSIM'.

The second SIM option was disabled when the iPhones launched into the Indian market, but now, with the release of iOS 12.1, Apple is finally enabling it.

So, in order to use an eSIM, you need to upgrade to iOS 12.1.

Telecom support

Limited telecom support in India, at least initially

After upgrading to iOS 12.1 and enabling eSIM support, you'll have to get the eSIM activated from the telecom operator.

Apple has said Airtel and Jio will be its eSIM partners in the initial days, while other players will jump into the bandwagon sometime next year.

Airtel's process, as we explained, revolves around mobile-based verification, while Jio users will have to visit the store.

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Activation process

Jio's eSIM activation process

Jio's eSIM activation process

To activate, simply take your new iPhone and visit any JioStore or Reliance Digital outlet.

You'll be asked to fill up a CAF form with required details, including your Jio number and the IMEI of the iPhone.

Then, an executive will verify your details and generate a QR code with a point-of-sale machine.

This code, when scanned with the iPhone, will enable Jio's eSIM.

Activation might take a few hours

Note that the activation process will be completed in a matter of minutes, but the eSIM might take four to five hours to start on your device, just like Airtel.

Default settings

eSIM will be secondary by default

After activation, the eSIM will serve as your secondary SIM card, while the physical Nano-SIM will be the main driver for basic services, including voice calls, SMS, mobile data, iMessage, and FaceTime.

However, that order can be changed from the cellular option in Settings.

You can even store more than one eSIM on your device, but only one can be used at a time.

Also, eSIM facility roll-out might take a few days

It would be wise to wait a few more days before heading to a JioStore for eSIM activation. The facility has just been launched and could take a few days to hit all Jio outlets across the country.

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