How to clear Google search history


11 Nov 2018

Want to wipe Google search history? Here's a quick way

Google search history, aka the data collected by the company based on your web searches, can now be reviewed and deleted in a matter of seconds.

Previously, the option was accessible via Google's My Activity page, but now the tech giant has pushed an update, letting users delete search activity right from the search page.

Here's how you can use it.


Quick option to delete search history

Quick option to delete search history

To delete search history via mobile, tap on three lines on the left side of Google search page.

Head over to "Your data in Search" option to see the recent queries as well as options to delete search history.

There will be two choices - one to delete search history from the past hour and other to wipe all of it. Pick any one.

Go to Settings to do the same on desktop

For desktop, head over to Settings on any search page and follow the same steps to delete search activity. Alternatively, you can also use the link titled, "Control your data in Google Search" under the search bar on

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Search history use

Remember, search history is different from browser history

Google collects data from most of its products, including Maps and Search.

The data collected via Search is different from browser history, which tracks websites visited and store that information locally.

It goes directly from the search box to Google's servers, helping the company build a profile of you and target you with more relevant Ads on the platform.

Other options

Other options included in new search hub

Other options included in new search hub

Along with the option to delete search history, the privacy hub added by Google also includes options to control ad personalization and tracking activity on Google's sites.

However, there's nothing new here. The same options can also be accessed via

Google has also said it will include similar quick access options in its app for iOS and Android in the coming weeks.

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