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13 Nov 2018

Notch-less future: New Apple patent hints at in-display selfie camera

Apple patent hints at in-display selfie camera

After kicking-off the 'notch trend', Apple appears to be exploring other ways of maximizing screen space on the iPhones.

The company, according to recently discovered patents, is looking at a mechanism to integrate ring-shaped cut-outs with displays.

These circular holes could accommodate the selfie camera and other sensors while leaving the rest of the display for more real estate.

Here's more about the patent.

In context

Apple patent hints at in-display selfie camera
Hole-in-display could replace notches

Patent details

Hole-in-display could replace notches

Back in October, a USPTO-approved patent revealed Apple's idea of hole-in-display for housing camera elements.

The patent explained how an incision could be made into the display for implementing camera and sensors, without damaging it.

And now, a second patent has been unearthed, one that elaborates the mechanism of drilling the cover glass - to place camera - and protecting the display from damage.

Other designs

Other phone makers also moving in the same direction

The idea seems novel, but it is not just Apple that is looking at the cut-out-based design for incorporating front-facing elements.

Recently, Samsung revealed its Infinity O display, which looks pretty similar and might show up on the Galaxy S10.

Even LG and Huawei have patented similar designs - a fact that further bolsters the possibility of in-display holes taking over from notches.

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Samsung's future display designs

Along with Infinity O, Samsung also revealed Infinity U and V notched-displays and an all screen concept, titled 'New Infinity', at the SDC 2018. All these designs are likely to appear on Samsung's future phones.

Still, don't get your hopes high


Still, don't get your hopes high

The latest patent - titled 'Integrated Camera Window' - describes the drilling mechanism for all handheld devices, something that indicates future iPhones & iPads could use the novel design.

But, don't get your hopes high. This is just a patent and there is no guarantee if Apple will go ahead and implement it in any of its future devices.

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