Samsung could be working on a foldable tablet


15 Nov 2018

Samsung patent reveals dual-folding tablet design: Details here

Just last week, Samsung gave a quick glimpse of its foldable smartphone.

The device was packed in a case to protect design elements, but we all witnessed how it folded/unfolded.

Now, a new patent filed by the South Korean giant has hinted the possible future of this tech - a tablet that not just folds once but twice.

Here's how it would work.

Patent details

Dual-hinged tablet design detailed in patent

Dual-hinged tablet design detailed in patent

On November 13, folks at unearthed a USPTO patent with renders of the envisioned foldable tablet.

It featured a massive display just like any other big-screened tablet but also had a couple of hinges that divided the whole thing into three sections.

These hinges, as per the patent, could give the tablet a smaller profile.

Folding mechanism

How the tablet would fold?

Samsung's foldable phone has two displays, but unlike that one, the model envisioned in the patent describes one big display folding in different ways.

Essentially, one of the three sections (left one) would fold backward, while the other one would flip over the center portion of the display.

This would give users a smartphone-like experience when the device is completely folded.

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Display's working

Folding mechanism will define working of the display

Folding mechanism will define working of the display

As per PhoneArena, when the left side of the display will be folded behind the rest, it would automatically deactivate, leaving the other two sections active.

And when the right side - with the rear camera - will be folded over, the panel folded towards the back will activate on its own, triggering the smartphone-like experience.


But, don't get your hopes high

Having said that, it is imperative to note that this is just a patent and there's no guarantee if Samsung will ever go ahead and make this product.

However, the move would make sense if the foldable phone sells well in the market.

Notably, Samsung expects a good response and is already working on producing at least one million foldable phone units.

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