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02 Dec 2018

Huawei is working on its own Android alternative: Details here

Huawei is working on an Android alternative

For months, we have been hearing that Chinese giant Huawei is working on a way to challenge the omnipresent Android.

The reports have been dismissed before, but now, a senior executive from the company has confirmed that an Android alternative is in the works.

However, there are no details on what this OS would look or feel like.

In context

Huawei is working on an Android alternative
Confirmation from Huawei's Product VP


Confirmation from Huawei's Product VP

In a recent post on Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo, Bruce Lee, Huawei's Product VP, suggested that the secretive Android-replacing OS is 'under development'.

He didn't provide any details, including the name of the operating system, but previous rumors have hinted that the OS would be based on Linux.

It is likely to be called KirinOS and debut sometime in summer.


But, why go for a new OS?

The clear reason of developing a new OS remains unknown. But going by US-China ties, Huawei appears to be prepping a backup OS option in case the US government grows skeptical of the company's practices and imposes sanctions restricting the use of American tech.

To recall, ZTE, another Chinese company, has once been denied American technologies, including the official version of Android, pushing it to the verge of bankruptcy.

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Plus, Huawei already has its own processors


Plus, Huawei already has its own processors

Huawei phones already use Kirin chips manufactured by its subsidiary HiSilicon.

If the company really brings an independent OS into its phones and tablets, it would be creating its own mobile ecosystem.

Put simply, Huawei could be pulling off an Apple, which uses its own A-series chips and iOS on iPhones and iPads.

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