How to extend battery life of your smartphone


06 Dec 2018

Want to improve battery life of your smartphone? Try this

Modern-day smartphones are not just phones for calling or texting, they are 'feature-packed' computing devices aimed at simplifying our lives, making things 'smarter'.

Their capabilities are amazing but they all come at the cost of battery life.

No matter how good your phone is, its fancy features would definitely take a toll on the battery.

However, you can try these tricks to prevent that.

Trick #1

Keep brightness levels in check

Keep brightness levels in check

First up, keep adjusting your phone's brightness - it's a major battery sucker.

When you need to extend battery life, turn auto-brightness on and decrease brightness to the lowest level (or to the point at which it is just enough to see screen content).

Also, make sure that screen timeout is less than a minute, so that screen doesn't eat up battery unnecessarily.

Also, adjust screen resolution

Some high-end phones like those from Samsung provide an option to adjust screen resolution. If that's there, change the resolution of your Quad-HD phone to full-HD or HD for higher battery life. Also, disable any other display-related features as a good measure.

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Trick #2

Kill unnecessary connectivity features

You should also tweak connectivity features for extra battery life.

For this, disable Bluetooth and location services if the two are not being used actively.

Also, use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data as it drains much less power than cellular networks.

In case you're not at home, don't turn off mobile data but disable its access for apps that you won't use.

Trick #3

Manage apps, notifications

Manage apps, notifications

Delete all unnecessary apps on your phone as dozens of apps could be adding up in the background and draining your phone's battery.

Check the remaining apps and change their notification settings so that your phone's screen doesn't wake up every now and then.

Also, make sure that you've have turned most, if not all, unnecessary syncing processes or apps running in the background.

Restrict uploads to Wi-Fi

It is recommended to restrict iCloud or Google Photos syncing to Wi-Fi. These processes occur in the background, and if the content is too big, they might drain a lot of battery. Also, try playing cached downloaded content on Saavn, Netflix, instead of streaming.

Trick #4

Turn off vibration and haptic feedback

The effect of vibration, which proves pretty handy while driving or working, is produced with the spinning of a small motor.

This means every time your smartphone vibrates, its battery is used to spin this motor.

Though it's not a major battery drainer, we recommend turning vibration and haptic feedback settings off as good measure to extend your phone's battery backup.

Trick #5

Finally, check your daily usage

Finally, check your daily usage

Unchecked smartphone habits could also be one of the reasons for a dying battery.

No, we are not stopping you from using that fancy device altogether, but keeping media streaming and social networking under check won't hurt.

Facebook's app drains a lot of battery, which means keeping it off for a while would save you some power - the same goes for other apps/games.

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