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08 Dec 2018

Tumblr banning porn: Step-by-step guide to save existing posts, reblogs

How to save all your Tumblr data

Tumblr is ending its tolerant attitude towards sexually explicit content.

The site has announced a policy change under which all posts/reblogs depicting nudity and pornography will be banned.

The move will come into effect from December 17, preventing users from uploading any more adult content and will hide their existing explicit posts.

So, if you need, here's a way to save your Tumblr data.

In context

How to save all your Tumblr data
First, head into your account settings

Step #1

First, head into your account settings

From the dashboard or main page of your Tumblr account, tap on the profile icon on the upper right corner and click on settings.

On the right side of the landing page, you'll see a list of all your existing 'Blogs'.

Then select the blog that you want to save (probably the one containing content targeted by the new blocking policy).

Step #2

After selecting the blog, tap on the create backup

Once you have selected a blog, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the "Export [blog name]" button.

Soon, Tumblr will start processing the information it contains to prepare a user-ready download package.

It might take some time to process, but once done, the site will give you a 'Download' button to export all information in the form of a ZIP file.

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For more than one blog, repeat the same process

Notably, if you want to export data from more than one blog associated with your Tumblr account, you'll have to repeat the exact same process. The backup time for each blog will vary according to the number of posts it contains.

Now, you have an offline copy of your Tumblr account

Offline access

Now, you have an offline copy of your Tumblr account

After downloading the ZIP, you'll get offline access to all the data associated with your Tumblr blog.

This would include all private posts, reblogs, and drafts as well as content hidden or flagged by Tumblr.

You would also get a 'Media' folder containing photos, videos, and GIFs from all posts and messages ever shared/received on the platform.

Representation of Tumblr conversations

Along with media files, Tumblr's download package would also include representation of all your conversations and posts. This, as the site notes, would be accessible in XML format

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