Next Apple Watch could get major design changes


09 Dec 2018

Next Apple Watch could get major design changes, flexible display

Apple's all-new Watch Series 4 already makes a good impression, especially with features like ECG monitoring.

It also has a bigger display and thinner casing, but apart from that, most design elements look similar to the previous models.

Luckily, Apple understands this downside and is already exploring a completely new design for its future, maybe next, Watch Series.

Here's what it could look like.

Patent details

Concept of a minimalistic flexible display patented

Concept of a minimalistic flexible display patented

Just recently, Patently Apple unearthed 50 USPTO patents granted to Apple, including one related to Apple Watch.

The application, filed back in 2017, envisions a completely different Watch design with a circular instead of the regular rectangular design.

Most importantly, the display described in this concept is a flexible panel that bleeds into the strap like Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro.


The idea behind integrating flexible display with strap

If this patent is anything to go by, Apple wants to maximize as much screen real estate as possible by embedding a flexible display in a way that it spans both the watch face and band.

The move would not just shrink the profile of the Apple Watch, but could also minimize bezels to less than 0.5mm, according to the patent.

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No further details on its function

Apart from design, not much has been detailed about the novel Apple Watch illustrated in this patent, including things like how it would display Watch faces and notifications.


Also, don't get your hopes high

Also, don't get your hopes high

Having said that, it is important to mention that this is just a patent at this stage and not a final design.

Apple certainly considered this idea, but it is not clear if or when it will transform it into a real product.

It files dozens of patents every year, but only some make it to the real world as consumer products.

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