Soon, Google will help you with pronunciations


13 Dec 2018

Soon, Google will help you with pronunciations: Here's how

Google is expanding its capabilities to include a new 'teaching' feature, one that would help you with pronunciations.

The search giant is adding a "Learn to pronounce" option, which would come as part of search results and help users understand how to speak out words in different accents.

It is not available for everyone at the moment, but could definitely prove handy.

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How the new pronunciation feature works?

How the new pronunciation feature works?

As of now, searching the definition/meaning of any term on Google gives its detailed explanation as well as a 'speaker' icon to hear how it is pronounced.

But now, Google is placing an additional 'Learn to pronounce' tab under this icon, Android Police reported.

This would give you a written breakdown of the word (along with verbal pronunciation) to learn how it is pronounced.

Added option

You can even choose specific accents

The new feature, when available and used, would also offer a drop-down menu for switching between British and American accents.

With this, Google would immediately change the written breakdown of the word as well as how it is spoken aloud, according to the chosen accent.

The capability could help you learn how words are pronounced in different accents.

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Also, there's a toggle for slow motion

To make things even more interesting, Google has added a slow-motion toggle. This would slow down the spoken pronunciation of the word to help you better understand it.


When this feature would be available?

When this feature would be available?

Though this feature could play a major part in tackling our pronunciation woes, it is not yet available for everyone.

Android Police's team was able to test the feature, but when we tried, it wasn't live, neither on the desktop nor on mobile.

This suggests it is being rolled out in a slow, phased manner and will likely hit our devices in coming months.

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