6 weird technology stories of 2018


31 Dec 2018

#ThatWas2018: Here are 6 weird technology stories of 2018

Today, technology has become another entity in the world, a very important part of our lives.

Mankind has peaked in many areas and reached so far because of the contribution of technology.

However, apart from making our lives simpler, technology has also given birth to many bizarre innovations and stories that often break headlines.

Here we present you six weird technology stories of 2018.


When Elon Musk smoked weed and the world went crazy

When Elon Musk smoked weed and the world went crazy

Let's start this year's bizarre tech stories with the unusual acts of the world's biggest technology entrepreneur Elon Musk.

In September, the Tesla owner smoked marijuana, drank whiskey and wielded a sword, all on a live-show with comedian Joe Rogan.

Obviously, the video clip of Musk taking a puff and shrugging went viral on the internet and netizens were left with jaw-dropping reactions.

Tesla shares dropped by 6% following marijuana incident

While people on social media gave the 'woah' reaction, Musk's antic didn't sit well with his business. On the following day, Tesla's shares plummeted by 6%. Also, Tesla's Chief Accounting Officer, Dave Morton, and Head of Human Resources, Gaby Toledano, resigned after the marijuana incident.

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When people pretended dead on Instagram for publicity and 'fun'

2018 was also the year of pranks and pulling off absolute ridiculous stunts like the Kiki Challenge.

Another such trend was pretending to be dead on Instagram just for publicity.

15-year-old Instagrammer Ahmed Simrin has been doing the same for over a year.

He only has four pictures on Instagram, and each of them has over 1,000 likes and comments saying "RIP".


Simrin spammed others' account to comment 'RIP' on his pictures

Simrin spammed others' account to comment 'RIP' on his pictures

The very-much alive Simrin told Engadget that he thought it'd be fun to trick people into thinking that he's dead and he'd go viral.

He started to leave comments on others' Instagram account to comment "RIP" on his pictures.

And, it worked.

His act soon became a trend. However, not everyone got the same reaction, but they still kept trying to make themselves viral.


China apparently has created artificial sun hotter than actual sun

Another weird story this year came from the dragon country of China.

In November, it was reported that China has made an earth-based sun simulator. And, it is hotter than the Sun.

The core of the actual sun reaches around 15 million degree Celsius, and this artificial Sun produces temperature of 100 million degree Celsius.

The artificial sun was made to understand nuclear fusion.

Artificial sun was created to understand nuclear fusion

The artificial sun was created at the Chinese Academy of Sciences under the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Task (EAST). The goal of this task was to understand nuclear fusion, and use it as an alternative source of power on Earth some day.


This man launched a rocket to prove earth is flat

This man launched a rocket to prove earth is flat

Did you know there are people who believe that Earth is flat?

Meet Mike Hughes, also known as 'Mad' Mike, who launched his homemade rocket into sky in March, to prove that the Earth is flat.

His objective was to get pictures from the sky to prove his point.

His small-budget rocket took him 1,875-feet high, before hurtling down and landing on Mojave Desert.

Despite receiving injuries, Hughes still believes that Earth is flat

Except for some bruises and an achy back, Hughes suffered no major injury. He told media he was glad he did the experiment. And does he still believe Earth is flat? Yes, he is now hoping to be launched into space in larger rockets.


Earth perfume created with scented memories for astronauts

Smells and scents are one of the most underrated pleasures on earth.

But Ani Liu knows their worth. In May, it was reported that Liu has been able to bottle human scents and has created an Earth Perfume for astronauts.

The perfume contains the unique scent of three memories of astronauts on Earth: that of a loved one, a home, and a natural resource.

Because smells are connected to memory

Wondering how it works? Well, physiologically smells are connected to memory. The fragrances in the Earth perfume are embedded in a special polymer that releases the scents over a longer period of time. It works like a time capsule helping astronauts re-live the moments.


When FBI raided a man's house looking for alien technology

When FBI raided a man's house looking for alien technology

Technology's weird encounters cannot be completed if there are no aliens.

This month, the FBI raided a man, Bob Lazar's home looking for alien technology.

Lazar claimed to have worked for Area 51, a US Air Force facility and a highly classified remote detachment, whose current purpose is not known publicly.

Lazar sparked an alien frenzy 30 years ago during his work on UFOs.


Watch Lazar's documentary- 'Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers'

Lazar said that he studied alien technology at a site called S-4, near the desert test facility of Area 51.

His story still hasn't changed and he revealed that FBI raided his house looking for an "Area 51 item".

Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell has also made a documentary on Lazar's story- Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers.

Quite a weird tech year, eh?

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