412 million Friend Finder Networks accounts hacked

15 Nov 2016 | By Vaneet Randhawa
Scandal breaks loose at Friend Finder Network

Friend Finder Networks, an adult pornography, and dating site was hacked, revealing the private details of almost 412 million accounts.

This hack from October has revealed passwords, email addresses, browser history, dates of last visits, IP addresses and site membership status etc.

According to monitoring firm Leaked Source, this is one of the "largest data breaches ever recorded" in history.

In context: Scandal breaks loose at Friend Finder Network

IntroductionWhat is Friend Finder Networks?

Friend Finder Networks runs "one of the world's largest sex hookup" sites Adult Friend Finder, with 40 million members that log in once in every 2 years, and 339 million accounts.

It operates live sex camera site, that has more than 62 million accounts.

It also runs an adult site with over 7 million accounts, and, with 2.5 million accounts.

15 Nov 2016412 million Friend Finder Networks accounts hacked

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Not the first security hack for Adult Friend Network

In May 2015 the personal information of 4 million users was exposed by hackers, which included their "login details, emails, dates of birth, postcodes, sexual preferences and whether they were seeking extramarital affairs."
Previous such hacks: MySpace, Yahoo, Ashley Madison

Past hacksPrevious such hacks: MySpace, Yahoo, Ashley Madison

In 2013, MySpace hack led to the disclosure of 359 million MySpace users.

In 2014, Yahoo security was compromised which led to as many as 500 million accounts being compromised- the largest hack.

In 2015, another adultery site Ashley Madison was hacked and 33 million user accounts were hacked by a group called "Impact Team" on 20 July.

Reason behind the hackAdult Friend Finders' weak security led to the hack

Data monitoring services revealed that the FFN hack took place because passwords were stored in SHA1 hashed (peppered) or plain visible format.

Neither is considered secure.

The hackers had a field day as the passwords were altered and were in lowercase, rather than case specific as the users entered originally, which made it easier to break in.

Startling details revealed

The hacked account details revealed that 78,301 accounts belonged to "US military email addresses, 5,650 US government email addresses and over 96 million Hotmail accounts."