Hackers using new tricks to bypass iCloud locks


08 Feb 2019

Hackers can bypass your iPhone's iCloud lock: Here's how

If you use an iPhone, you would already know about 'Find My iPhone', the security feature that ties to your iCloud account and is used to lock your device.

The capability enables iPhone tracking and prevents bad actors, like thieves, from using it.

But, now, it seems some muggers are using new tricks to bypass iCloud locks.

Here's more on it.


'Find My iPhone' locks devices, leaving them unusable

'Find My iPhone' locks devices, leaving them unusable

The iCloud-lock of 'Find My iPhone' locks down a lost iPhone and requires a password to continue.

As iOS doesn't even allow a second account, the feature basically leaves the device unusable for thieves, muggers, or whosoever gets hold of it.

This is why there have been cases where attackers force their targets to disable 'Find My iPhone' feature before robbing them.


However, now thieves are getting smarter

In a recent report, Motherboard highlighted how hackers are using various new techniques to bypass iCloud locks.

Tech-savvy thieves, according to the report, employ phishing scams to trick Apple store employees or customers into unlocking iCloud accounts or giving away passwords.

And, the worrying part is, they use sophisticated $75 phishing kits available on the internet to carry out such attacks.

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Generating fake receipts and invoices to trick targets

Generating fake receipts and invoices to trick targets

Some attackers generate fake receipts and invoices using information from different databases to trick Apple employees into believing they are the actual iPhone owners who have been locked out of their devices.

Meanwhile, others use social engineering to directly target iPhone users into giving away the password of their iCloud account.

Plus, a few hackers also reprogram stolen iPhones with a new IMEI.


And, the hackers are still upgrading their techniques

Along with this, the hacker community also remain connected via groups on messaging platforms like Telegram to learn about new methods to break into locked iPhones.

They keep sharing new tips and tricks while uploading photos of their successful unlocks.

Put simply, this is where locked stolen iPhones land before they are unlocked and sold in the market once again.

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