Amazon Go to say goodbye to retail checkout lines

06 Dec 2016 | Written by Mansi Motwani; Edited by NewsBytes Desk

The latest announcement by Amazon speaks of a grocery store in Seattle, Washington which will start operations in early 2017.

What will set this grocery store apart is the absence of checkout lines; it will enable customers to walk in, pick what they want and walk out.

This involves Amazon's new app, Amazon Go, which customers will use to register themselves in the store.

In context: Amazon Go redefines grocery shopping


The American e-commerce giant, Amazon Inc. started its subsidiary AmazonFresh in 2007.

It focuses on the delivery of grocery items.

Items ordered are eligible for delivery on the same day or next day depending on the time of the order placed as well as the availability of trucks.

Seattle, LA, Chicago, San Diego, New York, Boston etc. are some cities where AmazonFresh is offered.

06 Dec 2016Amazon Go to say goodbye to retail checkout lines

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According to Amazon, they used "computer vision, deep learning algorithms and sensor fusion much like the ones found in self-driving cars." They call it the "Just Walk Out Technology."
How will Amazon Go work?

WorkingHow will Amazon Go work?

Customers with the Amazon Go app will swipe their phones at the store entrance to register their presence.

Every item that the customers pick up is tracked on their phones; items returned to their shelves are also tracked.

When the shoppers exit, a digital receipt appears on their phones, charging their Amazon account.

A beta version of the store is already being tested.

Expensive experiment

Critics claim that the different range of store formats, acquiring physical retail locations, rent, technology systems for installation and maintenance are likely to add to Amazon's already sizeable spending on free shipping for its Prime customers.

28 Mar 2017Amazon Go: Launch plans postponed due to 'technical complications'

Amazon has postponed plans to launch its new chain of convenience stores called Amazon Go, supposed to work on a "grab-and-go" basis without checkout lines.

The Wall Street Journal attributed the delay to "technical complications".

The company is reportedly not being able to track more than 20 people in the store at a time, as well as items that were returned to the shelves.