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15 Mar 2019

Record intimate moments like "never before" with this penis camera

Since recording intimate moments with a traditional camera is definitely "old school", a US-based sex toy company Julz has made a wearable penis camera.

The $160 device is the world's first "cock ring with a camera", the company's website boasted and "it is exactly like it sounds".

Shooting in dark is what this penis camera specializes in, the description added.

Really, what? And, why?


"Spice up" your long-distance relationships with this device

"Spice up" your long-distance relationships with this device

The device doubles up as a camera and as a "confidence booster". The makers said it works as a traditional ring aimed at improving endurance in the bedroom.

But clearly, the highlight of the device is that it lets you record your intimate moments in "never seen before" angles.

People in long-distance relationships can get creative and send footage to their partners, the company said.


The device lets you records for 90 minutes

The penis camera weighs less than an ounce, can be connected to Wi-Fi and lets one record for up to 90 minutes in 1080p, H.264 video in MP4 format.

With a width of about an inch and a half, the device has six infrared lights and a slot for micro SD card.

It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery.

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The device is "flexible" as well

The device is "flexible" as well

Julz warned that when filming for long, the penis camera tends to heat up. "The product is safe to use. If the Cock Cam becomes uncomfortable please stop using and contact our team," the company said.

The product is flexible to "fit all sizes" but the company said they were working to roll out new variants.

The company also addressed privacy concerns.


The app doesn't store any footage, claimed Julz

The data you record using the penis camera will not be saved in the app or cloud, Julz confirmed. This means hackers will need to physically access your phone to get hands on the recorded data.

Julz director and co-founder Charlie Hudson told CNet that the company will ensure user data is safe.

Currently, the app is being updated to allow "FaceTime-style live streaming".

Hudson says privacy won't be undermined

"We are very aware that the privacy of our customers is paramount. We are taking all necessary precautions to keep our product as safe and secure as possible," Hudson was quoted by the daily.


Earlier, a smart vibrator landed into trouble

Earlier, a smart vibrator landed into trouble

The penis camera is yet another example of the intersection of sex and technology. But the union hasn't been without controversies.

In 2017, Canadian sex-toy maker We-vibe settled a $3.75 million class-action lawsuit after the "smart" vibrators it shipped recorded customers' usage without their knowledge.

The vibrator, when connected to "We-connect app", collected data and users' alleged they never signed up for this.


Vibrator revealed information about users' sexual habits

It was learned that the app which controlled the vibrator could easily be accessed by anyone within Bluetooth range.

The app sent data like the temperature of device and vibration intensity to Standard Innovation, the parent company of We-Vibe, and revealed the sexual habits of the users.

Hit by the scandal, Standard Innovation decided to settle and not go to courts.

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Most asked questions

Who made the wearable penis camera?

How much does the penis camera cost?

Where will the data be saved?

For how long can one shoot with the penis camera?

More questions

Who made the wearable penis camera?

Asked 2019-03-15 15:41:16 by Trisha Sen

Answered by NewsBytes

A US-based company called Julz made the wearable penis camera.

How much does the penis camera cost?

Asked 2019-03-15 15:41:16 by Rishika Venkatesan

Answered by NewsBytes

The penis camera costs $160.

Where will the data be saved?

Asked 2019-03-15 15:41:16 by Aanya Mittal

Answered by NewsBytes

The data recorded on the penis camera will be saved on users' mobile phones.

For how long can one shoot with the penis camera?

Asked 2019-03-15 15:41:16 by Vishal Dutta

Answered by NewsBytes

The company said users can record data for 90 minutes.

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